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About Our Cattery

Hi! My name is Tonkatykes™ Stand Up Comic (but you can call me Jacob - everyone around here does). I am going to be your guide around this site.

I suppose I should mention Erika, the young girl that I own. She thinks that she owns me, but the truth is, I have her wrapped around my paws! She takes care of us and makes sure the food bowls stay full, which is a very important thing to me, I might add!

Tonkatykes™ Cattery is located in the Lansing, Michigan area. It easily serves Michigan, plus the surrounding states: Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Kentucky - although I have relatives all across America, and a few outside the country.

Erika and Jacob
Erika and Jacob

Tonks first moved into Tonkatykes™ Cattery back in 1989, so we have been around here for a while now. Humans like to think they are in charge around here, and I like to let them think that. But we all know who is really the king of the hill around here... me!

Occasionally, we like to take a break and visit our lovely cottage, located north of Port Huron, on Lake Huron. Sunrise at the cottage is breathtaking, although I don't get to see too many of them because I tend to sleep late.

Cottage Front Side
Cottage Front Side
Cottage Lake Side
Cottage Lake Side
Sunrise at the Cottage
Sunrise at the Cottage

Having Fun in the Cat Tree
From Our 1st Litter - 10 week old
Platinum Mink Female
Having Fun in the Cat Tree
Jacob with Logan
Jacob with Logan -
Relaxing At The Cottage
We have a lot of fun at Tonkatykes™ Cattery! We chase each other around, climb into the cat tree, and play with lots of toys.

Other times, we just hang out. That's me with Logan, in front of the fireplace. He's a cool cat, but he's lucky I'm sharing my favorite spot at the cottage with him!

But enough about me! Let me tell you about some of my relatives...

Chase and His Two Boys
Chase and His Two Boys
A Few Cousins
A Few Cousins
Here's a picture of my cousin, Chase, and the two boys he owns. Chase tells me he really loves his boys. And, judging from the photo, that seems rather obvious.

I have cousins all over the place, and they tell me they're just one big happy family! Considering the next picture, I guess I have to believe them.

Cylin's Julia of CKing
GRP NW Cylin's Julia of CKing
Queen: Tonkatykes My Kind of Woman
I want to mention a particular cousin, GRP NW Cylin's Julia of CKing, because I'm so very proud of her accomplishments. Julia won 2002-2003 CFA's 15th Best Cat ALL BREEDS! That's no small feat, let me tell you! Her mom was Tonkatykes™ My Kind of Woman - a beauty in her own right.

My most famous relative, however, very well may be Champion Tonkatykes™ Nightstalker - although we just call him Jack. A dashing Natural Mink Tonk, he really turned a lot of heads and caught many an eye.

CH Tonkatykes Nightstalker
CH Tonkatykes Nightstalker (Jack)

1999 50-Cent Sterling Silver Proof Cat Coin

Tonkatykes Nightstalker -
1999 Canadian 50-Cent
Sterling Silver Proof Cat Coin

In 1999, the Royal Canadian Mint decided to create some new coins honoring cats with Canadian origins. Since the Tonkinese was Canada's first pedigree cat, it was decided the Tonk would be honored.

Long story short, my cousin, Jack (already famous in his own right), was chosen to represent the breed. Now, take a close look at that Canadian half dollar, because Jack has been minted on it! Pretty cool, huh?

Believe me, I could go on all day! If you'd like to see several more of my relatives, just take a peek at Our Show Cats page.

From 1995 to 2003, Tonkatykes™ Tonkinese proudly placed Best, 2nd Best and/or 3rd Best in Kitten, Championship and/or Premiership, Nationally (USA). Problem is, I'm not allowed to take a nap on all those ribbons and awards they have laying around this place - and I don't think that's fair.

The point is, Tonkatykes™ Cattery breeds some truly outstanding Tonkinese cats. So if you're looking for an affordable, high-quality Tonkinese kitten, you've certainly come to the right place!

Okay, Erika, I'm done. Can I have a treat now?

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